You may have heard by now, but threading is the new hair removal trend that everyone should be trying.

Technically, it’s not new at all, as it has been practiced for many years in other parts of the world. However, to you, you may have never heard of such innovation! If you haven’t checked out some of our previous blogs about threading and its benefits, go check them out now!

Threading at Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea is like an art form to us. We are about perfecting and shaping your eyebrows to make your already stunning face pop, and we are able to remove any facial hair you don’t want to show. Threading has a ton of benefits to experience today!

It’s Affordable

Because threading is fast and uses nothing but the labor of our hair removal expert and a piece of string, it is extremely budget friendly. Don’t go around with caterpillars on your face any longer; check out our pricing and see for yourself!

rejuvinatingLong Lasting

Threading hair removal is one of the most long-lasting techniques out in salon land. This technique can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks! That is a ton of time and much longer than waxing and plucking. One of the reasons this hair removal lasts so long is because not only is the hair being pulled right from its root, but it’s also becoming weaker. So when the hair does start to grow back, it becomes very thin and fine.

It Saves Time

Threading is not only a hair removal treatment that is less painful, safer, and longer-lasting, but it is also fast! Threading is very quick and takes as little as five minutes! The reason is, the thread is being weaved in and out of all the hairs, and then is pulled, pulling multiple hairs at a time. Plucking and waxing take longer because fewer hairs are removed at once.


Someone can’t just walk off the streets and start threading. This hair removal takes a lot of skill, patience, and precision for you to get your desired result. We make sure our hair removal experts are trained and have practiced many hours before taking clients. We want you walking out of our hair removal salon feeling sophisticated, happy, and extremely confident.

Come schedule an appointment at Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea. Our professional and skilled staff will always make sure you walk out of here feeling wonderful and looking great. Come and experience this amazing hair removal technique, today!