At Unique Threading Salon, we often have clients who are new to the world of threading. If you’ve never tried this awesome hair removal method, prepare to have your world rocked. There are dozens of reasons why threading is beneficial, but many people have never been exposed to its wonder. If you have never tried threading, chances are, you have a lot of questions. We would be happy to answer them here at Unique Threading Salon!

What is Threading?

Threading is the process through which an esthetician knots thread around hair to pull it out by its root. This allows for greater precision for removing individual hairs, leading to more meticulous hair removal.

Is Threading Painful?

Threading is comparable to tweezing. It might feel like a pinch or a scraping sensation. It doesn’t feel any more uncomfortable than waxing.

How Long Does a Threading Session Take?

The length of your threading session is dependent on where you are removing hair. Eyebrow threading can take as little as five minutes, while the full face can take up to half an hour. When you come into Unique Threading Salon, we can let you know how long we believe it will take.

Where on the Body Can I Be Threaded?

You can be threaded anywhere on the face—popular areas include the lip, chin, eyebrows, and sideburns. Additionally, we can thread the hands and feet.

Why Choose Threading Over Waxing?

Threading is the best method of precise hair removal. You can precisely shape your brows with threading in a way that waxing just cannot achieve. In addition, threading can be done the moment the hair grows above the skin, as opposed to waxing, which requires at least ¼ inch of hair growth before you can have the service performed. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, threading may be better for your needs than waxing.

How Long Do Results Last?

This depends on where on your face you receive treatment, as well as your hair type. That being said, full regrowth occurs between two and eight weeks.

Does Threading Make the Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Threading does not make your hair thicker. In fact, your hair should grow back thinner.

Why Does the Esthetician Put the Thread in Their Mouth?

In order for the thread to be as taut as it needs to be, the esthetician holds part of the thread in their mouth. This is perfectly hygienic as that part never goes anywhere near your face. At Unique Threading Salon, we use clean, fresh thread for every session, and use several fresh pieces if necessary during your threading treatment.

I Have Sensitive Skin. Can I Get Threaded?

Threading is actually better for people with sensitive skin than waxing is. That being said, some people experience redness or bumps initially, which should go away in about ten minutes. Some people have redness for an hour or two afterward. We recommend refraining from using any skincare product on your face until the inflammation goes down.

At Unique Threading Salon, we love introducing new clients to the wonder of threading. If you’re interested in our threading services in Chelsea, contact us today to schedule an appointment!