Everyone wants to put their best face forward, regardless of gender, and just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you have to settle for unruly eyebrows. Eyebrows are something that you may not realize have a big impact on your appearance, and in turn, your confidence. Brows are how you communicate expression on your face. Properly groomed eyebrows make you look strong and confident. Unkempt brows make you look unapproachable and insecure. Fortunately, grooming your eyebrows isn’t complicated. Here are some simple tips for

Don’t Wax

If there is one takeaway you get from this article, it’s this: do not wax. Wax does not allow the precision necessary for men’s eyebrow grooming. When you get waxed, it creates a clean square shape. While this works on women, for men, it can make their brows look cartoonish. For men, it’s best to focus on cleaning up stray hairs with more precise hair removal strategies, such as tweezing or threading. At Unique Threading Salon, we help many men with their brows to ensure they look clean and natural through our eyebrow threading services.

Prioritize Shape

When women come and visit our threading salon, it’s often to achieve a more arched shape. This is not what men want to do. Your brows look most natural when they are straight across; any arch reads as unnatural. This is why it is best to stick to threading. We will simply clean up your brows so they look sleeker and cleaner. No one will know what we’ve done; they will just start to notice that you look handsomer and more confident.

Embrace Your Unibrow

So your brows like to grow together rather than separately. This doesn’t have to be a grooming crisis. Too often, men with unibrows go overboard on tweezing the center of the brow, making the eyebrows look too far apart. Unibrows aren’t necessarily bad; on some men, it can look quite sexy. Unibrows tend to look better on younger men. As men age, the eyebrow hairs become more scraggly, so growth in the center of your brow looks less attractive. Keeping your brows better tamed as you age gives you an air of sophistication.

Don’t Kill Your Brows

Speaking of aging, you should also keep in mind that the choices you make for your brows now will come back to haunt you later. While you’re young, your brows grow back no problem, but as you age, your brows start to grow back patchier. By your mid-40s, your brows are going to stick to the shape they currently have, and if you have been grooming them too thin, that will show as you get older. The key is to not get too caught up in removing every stray hair. Remember that most people aren’t going to be close enough to see an errant hair here or there, so don’t obsess. This is prevent you from over-plucking them.

At Unique Threading Salon here in Chelsea, we would love to help you feel more confident with our eyebrow threading services. If you’re interested in trying it out, contact us today to schedule your first appointment!