1. FAQs About Sugaring

    If you have been intimidated by waxing in the past, you might give sugaring a try. While traditional wax and sugar wax share some similarities, sugaring is a different process that may work better for you. Have questions? We have answers! Read on for some questions we frequently receive at our hair removal salon in Chelsea. Is sugar wax just sugar? Sugar wax is not just made of sugar, but it’s c…Read More

  2. 5 Waxing Myths, Debunked

    It’s almost time for sundresses, shorts, and swimsuits, which for many women, means one thing: it’s time for hair removal. This can be a real chore, especially for women who choose to shave. Who wants to have to worry about leg hair every other day? This is where waxing comes in as an excellent alternative. However, many individuals feel intimidated by waxing, and may believe a variety of misc…Read More

  3. How to Save Time With Your Grooming Routine

    Everyone could use more time in a day. Whether you spend a good hour in the mirror in the morning or you like to wash your face and run out the door, one area where we could all save some more time is grooming. Between cutting and styling your hair, caring for your skin, and hair removal, it can feel like maintaining yourself is a huge portion of your day. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be comp…Read More

  4. Making Conversation With Your Wax Technician

    When you come in for your first Brazilian wax, you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable. After all, you are showing a very intimate part of your body to a stranger. Many people find the thought of sitting in silence while you get a wax to be awkward, but… what do you even talk about? Fortunately, our wax technicians at Unique Threading Salon are a friendly bunch who should have no problem making…Read More

  5. Best Methods of Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is essential for effective waxing. Before your hair removal appointment at Unique Threading Salon, it’s important that you make sure that the area is exfoliated. This is because if you don’t, it’s far more likely for there to be ingrown hairs. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and debris from the surface of your skin so the wax can better adhere to the hair, rather than your sk…Read More

  6. 6 Benefits of Waxing for Men

    If you think waxing is just for women, you are sorely mistaken. More and more men are coming into Unique Threading Salon for our hair removal services in Chelsea, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Women have experienced the awesome power of waxing for years, while men have been forced to keep their body hair in order to “act like a man.” This gender norm has fortunately started to become …Read More

  7. Preparing for a Bikini Wax

    One of our most popular waxing services is bikini waxing. Women love the fact that this service keeps them smooth and hairless for much longer than other hair removal methods. That being said, if you’ve never received one before, you may be at a loss for what to do to properly prepare. It’s normal to feel nervous the first time you receive this service, but after you try it one time, you’ll …Read More

  8. Everything You Need to Know Before Your Bikini or Brazilian Wax

    So you’re ready to take the plunge and finally get that bikini or Brazilian wax you have been eager (but hesitant) to try. This type of wax is one that women often feel a lot of anxiety about, but once they try it, they love the results and look forward to them every month. This self-care might seem daunting, but after your first bikini wax, you’ll never look back. Benefits of Bikini Waxing If…Read More

  9. Dos and Don’ts of Sugar Waxing

    Sugar waxing has been an excellent method of hair removal for centuries, but its popularity is relatively new here in the States, so many people are hesitant to try it. At Unique Threading Salon, we would like to reassure you that our sugar waxing services are effective, less painful than traditional waxing, and all-natural. If you are interested in taking advantage of our services, there are cert…Read More

  10. My Fear of Professional Waxing

    I’m sure we all know someone who has an irrational fear. Some people are afraid of sharks even though they’ve never been to the ocean, others may have a fear of clowns. My fear? Hair removal via wax. What’s to worry about, right? You go in, they slather, they rip, you pay, the end. But it haunted me. The tale starts not unlike many others; Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was yo…Read More