If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have gone over what our Ayurvedic massage is all about, and why you should treat yourself to a relaxing and health boosting massage.

At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, we know how important it is to keep our mind, body, and soul in balance. Our Ayurvedic massage is the perfect way to achieve this harmony. We wanted to let you know all the benefits this massage offers and why you should schedule your Ayurvedic massage today!

Benefits of your Ayurvedic Massage in Chelsea

Sleep More Soundly

Because this massage was designed to relax you to your very core, it will help your sleep patterns change. If you have a difficult time falling asleep, or even staying asleep, this massage is a good technique to use. This massage therapy will reduce stress and bring an entire sense of calm over your whole self. This will make sleep much easier to attain.

Beautiful Skin

Ayurvedic massage is a way to prevent or even halt premature aging. This massage can help improve physical aspects of your face and body and help you appear with more of a youthful glow. Because this massage is designed to help remove toxins out of your body, it should improve your skin quality in the process. The way the massage is able to have this type of effect is because of the oils used by the masseuse. The oil is absorbed through your skin and is a nourishing agent that your skin, and you, will appreciate.


Even though this massage is external, it has an effect internally on your body. This massage is said to increase circulation throughout your whole body and helps blood flow more smoothly and efficiently. This also is how this massage technique is able to remove toxins and waste throughout the body.

More Energy

Ayurvedic massage is designed to help you with eliminating toxins from your body. Toxins drag you down and can possibly make you sluggish to the point you can’t maintain high energy levels. When you receive this type of massage, it increases your stamina so you will have more energy throughout the day. It also does this because it is helping you sleep better, which is also allowing you gain more energy.

Improved Vision

A largely unknown benefit of Ayurvedic massage is that it can actually improve the health of your eyes. There is technique within the massage that the masseuse will focus on the navel area of your body. The masseuse will massage this area in a clockwise type motion, which ancient theories of Ayurveda says is a way to improve eyesight.


Come to our salon in Chelsea to check out why we highly regard this massage technique, and all our other amazing services such as eyebrow threading, sugar waxing, and henna tattoos. Pamper yourself in Chelsea before the holidays get too hectic. Enjoy a wonderful massage and other treatment that will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Learn more about all our services and call to schedule your massage appointment today!