Your body is unique to you. What helps one person during a massage won’t necessarily help you. This is why clear communication is one of the most important parts of massage. While the experienced and well-trained massage therapists at Unique Threading Salon are skilled in pinpointing the correct way to massage all different types of bodies, they are not mind readers. In order for you to get the most out of your massage appointment, you need to convey to them what is going on with your body. This means that instead of trying to figure out for themselves, they can spend that time addressing your issue directly. In order to get the best massage experience possible, here some some things you need to tell your massage therapist.

Your Past Injuries

For your first massage, you will fill out paperwork that will give you the opportunity to record any past injuries. You should also have a conversation about any with your massage therapist, particularly if any have been flaring up again recently. While the body is incredibly resilient, injury can cause damage that causes imbalances for years afterward. Understanding past injuries can help your massage therapist address your specific imbalances and focus their attention where it needs to go.

Your Current Pains

If the reason you are seeking a massage is pain, it’s imperative that you communicate this to your therapist. You may not understand where your pain is coming from, but it is worth it to talk about any theories with your massage therapist. Maybe you pulled a muscle working out or you have been sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Regardless, make sure you talk to your massage therapist about it, because if your pain is caused by certain medical issues, it may be best to avoid certain areas or skip the massage altogether.

Your Lifestyle

Talking about your lifestyle gives your massage therapist a peek into what might be going on with your body. Chances are, the reason you need a massage is a lifestyle stressor, so the clearer the picture of your lifestyle your therapist can get, the better. They may ask about your stress level, your exercise routine, and how much you sit or stand during the day. Be as honest and specific as possible to get the most out of your massage.

How It Feels

You need to communicate, it doesn’t stop once the massage starts. As your therapist begins, they will ask about their level of pressure and where your pain is radiating from to ensure they are giving you the best massage possible. While you may want to sit back and be quiet during your massage, you should still make it clear to your therapist how the massage feels. This makes certain you’re addressing the areas you want to address, the way you want to address them.

Constructive Feedback

After your massage, it is helpful to provide some constructive feedback. We want you to fully enjoy your massage, and if there is any way we could improve the experience for you next time, we are happy to accommodate you! Talk to your massage therapist directly with feedback so that they have the opportunity to improve. As long as it is professional and kind, there should be no reason your therapist won’t be receptive.

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