We all have our own unique thoughts on tattoos. Should they be small and hidden or bold and for the world to see? Some of us feel that a tattoo should have a deep and profound meaning, while others believe that a tattoo doesn’t have to have any significance at all. Whatever you believe about tattoos, I think we can all agree that there are tattoos in existence that never should have been put on a body. Here are some great examples of ridiculous or cringeworthy tats:

  • The portrait of a celebrity or loved one

While I can understand the desire to immortalize your favorite actor or singer on your physical body… wait, I actually think it’s total bananas. But that aside, people do it. Folks have been tattooed with the portraits of celebs such as Bob Barker, Judge Judy, or even Clay Aiken. Afterall, nothing says, “I’m a superfan!” quite like putting someone’s face on your calf.

I can more easily understand the desire to get a tattoo of your loved one’s face, especially when they have passed away. However, as portraits can be very tricky for even the most talented artists, the faces don’t often really resemble the real person and can sometimes even be a grim visual representation of the person whom you’re trying to honor. For these reasons, think extremely hard before getting a portrait tattoo.

  • The favorite brand, movie, or cultural fad

Where these cultural passions are concerned, who doesn’t have a few favorites? But do you love McDonald’s enough to put a picture of the golden arches on your lower back? Or do you hate the iPhone so much that you’re putting a blackberry tattoo on your upper arm? Do you think that American Idol is the show logo that you’d like forever inked on your shoulder? This category of cringe also includes your favorite movie’s poster or favorite band’s picture. Just remember a few things: you might not always feel the way you do now, and if something were to happen to change this favorite’s status in your mind, would you care that you’re forever bearing their name?

  • The typo or foreign language phrase that doesn’t quite mean what you think

There are, unfortunately, a good amount of tattoos out there that contain a misspelled word. The irony of a tattoo that says, “No Regerts,” is almost worth the embarrassment…almost. Honorable mention also goes to the foreign language ink that you thought meant “strength,” but it actually just says “strange.” Oopsies, that’s there for life.

  • The crude, offensive joke or any tattoo having to do with Nickelback

The explanation for this is simple: will there be a point in your life in which you suddenly class it up and realize that you don’t want a dirty phrase written across your butt? (I’m hoping and praying the answer is yes). If the answer is, indeed, yes, you might give that dirty lyric a second thought.

We’ve all done things that we “regert.” The point is that we learn from and laugh at them, and hopefully, don’t repeat them in the future. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, think long and hard about what you’d like on your body for eternity. If you want to dabble in the idea of tattooing without actually committing, maybe consider getting a henna tattoo. This temporary tattoo will give you a good idea of what it’s like to have a real tattoo.

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