At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, our mission is to make sure all your unsightly and unwanted hair is removed in a comfortable and calm setting. Our salon has a professional and friendly staff where all your hair removal needs can be taken care. In this next post, we want to go over the debate of waxing and shaving. While shaving may seem like the easier option, due to being able to complete the task at home, there are many more benefits from waxing. Waxing is longer lasting, you won’t knick yourself, and it’s ultimately faster.

Waxing VS. Shaving:

Waxing removes dead skin

When you are getting your hair removal done with wax, the wax will not only pull out the hair follicle but also all the dead cells that are currently on your skin. Most parts of the body don’t get excess dead cells removed because we are just unaware they are there. Most of the time, we remove them from our face, hands, feet, and nowhere else. Waxing will remove dead cells keeping your skin more healthy.

Waxing is Faster

When shaving, you have to be very careful when you hit certain parts of the body that may not contour to the razor as well as you would hope. With waxing, since they are flexible strips, they can practically be placed anywhere. Waxing can be done on most parts of the body and with much more ease than a traditional razor. Schedule your waxing appointment with us in Chelsea.

Avoid Cuts With Waxing

When you shave with a razor you have the potential to get cut by one of the metal blades at any time. These cuts may seem harmless, but they can be dangerous if not treated. Getting nicked by a razor tends to burn and bleed. If done in the wrong place, it can become infected. Avoid these scenarios and stick with a professional waxer who can give you soft, silky, smooth skin you deserve. While waxing may cause some discomfort, the overall benefits outweigh this unfavorable side effect. Over time, the pain will dissipate and waxing will become less and less of a hassle.

Waxing, especially for us in Chelsea, is going to be the best option for all hair removal needs. If you have some stubble you are sick of dealing with, come to the experts at Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea! Schedule your waxing appointment today, and check back for the next part of this blog series!