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CTA5We know hair removal can be a tricky, and an unpleasant process; however, we always want to feel good by looking our best. Looking your best means paying attention to make up trends, getting the clothes that accent our body types, and getting unwanted hair removed.

Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea and surrounding areas, wants you to try out the next big trend in the hair removal world. Sugaring is a great way to remove hair with less pain, less mess, and fewer chemicals. Sugaring is all natural, cleaner, and requires less upkeep than traditional waxing. Let’s teach you some more about sugaring hair removal, and the great things it offers.

Sugaring doesn’t break hairsCTA3

With traditional waxing, the hairs will break off before the root more than 20 percent of the time causing the hair to regrow more quickly than you intended it to. This can be frustrating when you paid a ton of money and sat through a lot of pain, only to be left with disappointed results.

Sugaring is applied to the skin in the direction the hair grows. It absorbs into the skin and then into the hair follicle. The hair follicle
will then become lubricated and be able to be removed at the root. Removing the hair from its source.

Sugaring removes all hairs

Waxing is usually only designed to remove hairs that are at least a quarter of an inch long. You usually have to wait at least two weeks for your hair to grow this long. With sugaring, your hair only has be about one-sixteenth of an inch. That is much shorter and requires less time to wait for your appointment.

So, if you are sick of dealing with the pain, and inadequate results of waxing, we have your solution! Sugaring is a great way to get the hair removal solution that you are trying to obtain. We will make sure your hair removal is as quick and painless as possible. Contact us at Unique Threading Salon and book your appointment today.