Having hair on your body in places that are unwanted is frustrating. The process we need to get hair removed from our bodies is even more of a burden. Shaving is time-consuming and you have to do it consistently sometimes every day because the hair starts growing back immediately. Waxing is a solution that lasts a little longer but is pretty painful, and can leave your skin red, blotchy, and not looking date-ready.CTA3

Sugaring is a great alternative to hair removal because of it’s all natural ingredients, long-lasting effects, and is much more comfortable to endure.

Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea and surrounding areas, is your leader in hair removal. Sugaring is not something you see at every hair removal salon, but we want you to have the best hair removal process with the most advanced and favorable techniques possible. Learn all the great benefits in this blog series about sugaring and why it’s the right hair removal for you.

We want you to know why we think sugaring is so beneficial for you and your hair removal procedure:dreamstime_xxl_24125389

It’s natural

It’s made from combining sugar, water, lemon juice, and other essential oils. This makes it great for people with sensitive skin, and others who are very concerned with what they do to their bodies and what ingredients are being used.

You won’t burn

Sometimes, when you are getting waxed traditionally, the wax is so heat concentrated that it can actually burn the skin. This can leave unpleasant markings like welts, and sometimes permanent scars. This can be combatted by the esthetician testing the waxes temperature, but many fail to do so.

Sugaring is heated to about the body’s temperature, which is far less hot and won’t burn. This also reduces swelling, and red marks as well.
So, if this sounds like the hair removal technique that’s right for you, call us today! Unique Threading Salon takes pride in what we do, and we want you to feel your best, and look fabulous! Check back for our next blog about more great attributes about sugaring!