One of our most popular waxing services is bikini waxing. Women love the fact that this service keeps them smooth and hairless for much longer than other hair removal methods. That being said, if you’ve never received one before, you may be at a loss for what to do to properly prepare. It’s normal to feel nervous the first time you receive this service, but after you try it one time, you’ll be hooked. In our previous blog, we went over the basics of bikini and Brazilian waxes so you can better understand our services. In this blog, we will cover how to prepare for a bikini wax.

Stop Shaving

First off, if you shave your bikini area, it’s time to throw away the razor for awhile. It’s important that your hair be at least ¼ inch long in order to wax. If it is shorter than this, the wax cannot properly grab onto the hair, and it may either break or not come out at all. If your hair is too short, we will have to reschedule your appointment for later to ensure that you can receive a truly successful wax.


Gently exfoliating before your wax helps because it can slightly loosen hair from the follicle, making the waxing process less painful. This also eliminates the dead skin cells which can help prevent ingrown hairs. The key is to make sure that you aren’t exfoliating too roughly, as this will inflame the area. Try gently exfoliating with a washcloth.

Wear Loose Clothing

It’s important to allow the area to breathe after a bikini wax. The worst thing you could wear is a pair of skinny jeans or any other tight pant. A pair of loose linen pants or a dress are best for after your wax. You might go commando after your appointment if you feel comfortable; if not, wear a pair of comfortable cotton panties.

Drink Water

You want to make sure you are hydrated before you get waxed. This is because when your skin is dry, waxing is a lot more painful. By drinking a lot of water the day of your appointment, you ensure your skin is as hydrated as possible. Aim for at least 64 ounces.

Take Ibuprofen Beforehand

If you’re concerned about the discomfort associated with waxing, then it might help to take ibuprofen before your appointment. Women who have sensitive skin in particular might benefit from taking an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen when getting waxed. Take it about half an hour to 45 minutes before your appointment for the full effect.

Prepare for Some Redness

Immediately after the wax, it’s normal to experience some redness and puffiness. Don’t expect to look completely smooth and ready to hit the beach when you leave our studio. As long as you avoid friction for 24 hours afterward, the redness will go down and you will be enjoying the smooth and hairless look in no time.

At Unique Threading Salon, we will do everything in our power to help you receive the waxing services you need to feel confident and comfortable. Ready for your first bikini wax in Chelsea? Schedule your appointment today!