If  you are not made of stone, you know waxing hurts. Most types of hair removal, even shaving, can be painful. Waxing is a nice alternative because it’s quick and it keeps you feeling smooth longer. At Unique Threading Salon in Flatiron, we know that waxing can be unpleasant. However, with our amazing hair removal team, you will feel comfortable and cared for during the whole process.

We wanted to give you some tips on how to get through your hair removal appointment and how to bed prepare

Pick a Great Salon

When you know you are going to get any body part waxed it is essential you check the salon you looking into. Do some research and read reviews from other clients, and make sure they are trained professionals. Even though waxing seems harmless if you go to the wrong place you can end up with crazy infections that will need medical attention. Pick a salon you trust and know is professional. Our hair removal salon is full of professional and friendly staff to help you look and feel fabulous. Our clients love our presence and our work

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Take a Nice Hot Shower

A hot shower will not only relax you but it will open up your pores. This causes the hair to more prepared for the trauma they are about to go through. This will make the pain associated with hair removal a little less painful and will help with irritation afterward. You can always call our salon before your appointment and we can give you, even more, tips to prepare for your hair removal adventure!


You want your skin to stay hydrated and lose so the hairs can be removed easily but you don’t want it to be too greasy as this will make the waxing strips harder to grasp on to the skin and hairs. A nice balance is taking that nice warm shower and then apply a simple hydration cream, with a very light layer. Preparing your skin this way will only benefit your hair removal experience.

Don’t Let Fear Take Hold

One the biggest things to make your hair removal experience go sour is to come into our salon with a horrific fear of the waxing. Don’t psyche yourself out. Waxing hurts. We aren’t going to lie to you. But, with proper preparation, a great hair removal team, and a good attitude, it won’t be nearly as bad as you intended. Coming into Unique Threading Salon with a positive attitude and a bit of excitement will go a long way. Our staff is available not only to give you a hair free body but to also comfort you if you are feeling uncomfortable or freaked out. We can do this together!

Hair removal seems to a part of life, and with our hair removal salon, we can help make the process much more enjoyable. Our staff is passionate about what they do and will always make you feel at ease. Come schedule an appointment for your waxing and follow these steps so you have a pleasant and great experience with us in Flatiron.