dreamstime_xxl_24125389You did it. You tried out a sugar wax treatment and you look fabulous! All that unsightly hair has been cleaned away and your feeling fresh, confident, and awesome. We love how satisfied our clients are after one of our hair removal treatments; it’s why we love what we do at Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea.

We want to give you all the best information on our sugar treatment, and that includes aftercare. Here are some great tips for you to use after your hair removal treatment at our salon.

Avoid the sundreamstime_xxl_6145811 (1)

We know you are super excited to show off your new silky smooth legs, but hold off for a few days. We ask that you do this because sugar waxing hair removal can make you more prone to getting sunburn. We don’t want you to be in extra pain, so this tip will help you stay happy, and enjoying your hair free skin.

Don’t exfoliate

Exfoliating can be rough on the skin because you are usually applying pressure while exfoliating with scrubs that can be harsher to skin because the skin is much more sensitive after the hair removal. Your skin is already going to slightly irritated because anyone you look at it, you did pull hairs from the root out of your skin. So just be mindful so you stay as pain-free as possible.

Avoid hot waterdreamstime_7063726

Right after your appointment, there is a period of time when you want to avoid extremely hot water. Showering is absolutely fine, but shouldn’t be soaking in a hot bath or hot tub. This is because the skin is already extra sensitive and is much more prone to infection. Bacteria thrives in hot environments, and you don’t want to get an infection. When you do shower, just make sure to use lukewarm water, your skin will thank you later for it.

We are so glad you came and had a sugar wax hair removal session with us. We hope you love your new hair free zones and keep coming to see us for maintenance. Always remember these tips will help you in the long run and we, at Unique Threading Salon, want what’s best for our clients. If you ever have any other questions you can always contact us!