1. Everything You Need to Know About Henna

    At Unique Threading Salon, we love giving our clients henna tattoos. With extensive experience in the art of henna, we can masterfully design a tattoo for you that will last seven to 10 days. If you’ve never gotten a henna tattoo before, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Rest assured, thi…Read More

  2. Cringeworthy Tattoo Designs

    We all have our own unique thoughts on tattoos. Should they be small and hidden or bold and for the world to see? Some of us feel that a tattoo should have a deep and profound meaning, while others believe that a tattoo doesn’t have to have any significance at all. Whatever you believe about tatto…Read More

  3. How to Make Your Henna Tattoos Last Longer

    Henna tattoos are a beautiful traditional that has been used for thousands of years in areas of the Middle East, including India and Pakistan. Our salon brings this body adornment method to Chelsea! Whether you are interested in henna as a part of your traditional Indian wedding or just want to inco…Read More