1. Great Benefits Of Threading Part 2

    You may have heard by now, but threading is the new hair removal trend that everyone should be trying. Technically, it's not new at all, as it has been practiced for many years in other parts of the world. However, to you, you may have never heard of such innovation! If you haven't checked out some of our previous blogs about threading and its benefits, go check them out now! Threading at Unique T…Read More

  2. Great Benefits of Threading Part 1

    In our last blog post, we went over the threading hair removal technique and its process. Being new to the hair removal scene, threading is an amazing way to remove unwanted facial hair in a precise and less painful way. Unique Threading Salon, in Chelsea, is a wonderful place to experience threading for the first, third, or hundredth time! We have a skilled professional hair removal staff, and ma…Read More

  3. All About Threading

    Threading is another form of hair removal that people are still not used to seeing all the time. It is comparable to plucking, where you are pulling each hair individually, but threading is a quicker, and less painful process. If Unique Threading Salon is known for anything, it’s threading. We have perfected the hair removal technique and make it as enjoyable as possible and give you the best-sh…Read More

  4. Sugaring Hair Removal Benefits Part 3

    If you haven’t checked out our two previous blogs. in this three part blog series, do so now! We know hair removal can be a tricky, and an unpleasant process; however, we always want to feel good by looking our best. Looking your best means paying attention to make up trends, getting the clothes that accent our body types, and getting unwanted hair removed. Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea and …Read More

  5. Sugaring Hair Removal Benefits Part 2

    Unique Threading Salon knows how time-consuming maintaining your appearance is. You have to keep up with the best trends, hairstyles, and hair removal techniques. One day hair’s in, and the next day its out. If you want to get rid of your body hair, and make it long lasting, look into our sugaring hair removal services. They offer a more natural paste, less painful, and longer lasting results fo…Read More

  6. Sugaring Hair Removal Benefits Part 1

    Having hair on your body in places that are unwanted is frustrating. The process we need to get hair removed from our bodies is even more of a burden. Shaving is time-consuming and you have to do it consistently sometimes every day because the hair starts growing back immediately. Waxing is a solution that lasts a little longer but is pretty painful, and can leave your skin red, blotchy, and not l…Read More

  7. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Welcome to Unique Threading Salon’s blog! We are so excited for our clients to learn all about what we do at our salon, and why we love it so much. We are a full-service salon, featuring waxing, threading, massage, and much more. We want to help you feel fabulous and look fierce, which is why we practice all the latest hair removal trends, massage techniques, and body art application. With Uniqu…Read More