1. Fun and Interesting Facts About Eyebrows

    In our last blog, we debunked all those silly myths about your eyebrows. Now that you know none of those things were true, hopefully, it put you at ease. In this post, we are taking a different direction and are going to go over some interesting facts about your eyebrows that you may not have been aware of. The goal is to keep you knowledgeable about this facial feature and to always keeping them …Read More

  2. Don’t Fall for Myths About Threading

    When it comes to going out in the Garment District, you always want to look outstanding. Your hair is curled to perfection, your outfit is right on point with recent style trends, and your handbag is all the rage this season. Obviously, you had a lot to focus on but you may be disregarding a very important feature that could make all the difference and can take you from drab to fab. My dear, we ar…Read More

  3. Get Through Your Hair Removal With These Tips

    If  you are not made of stone, you know waxing hurts. Most types of hair removal, even shaving, can be painful. Waxing is a nice alternative because it’s quick and it keeps you feeling smooth longer. At Unique Threading Salon in Flatiron, we know that waxing can be unpleasant. However, with our amazing hair removal team, you will feel comfortable and cared for during the whole process. We wante…Read More

  4. The Best Gift This Season is a Massage in Chelsea

    With the holidays creeping up quickly, we feel ourselves start to scramble on how to choose the best gift. We always want our holiday gifts to be meaningful, special, and something useful. Parts of us want the gift to be perfect, but sometimes we don’t have the budget to get everything we have in mind. At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, we are the perfect place to get a gift for your loved on…Read More

  5. Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage at our Salon in Chelsea

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have gone over what our Ayurvedic massage is all about, and why you should treat yourself to a relaxing and health boosting massage. At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, we know how important it is to keep our mind, body, and soul in balance. Our Ayurvedic massage is the perfect way to achieve this harmony. We wanted to let you know all the benefits t…Read More

  6. Learn all about Ayurvedic Massage in Chelsea

    When you come and visit Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, make sure you schedule an appointment for an Ayurvedic massage; your body and mind will thank you tremendously. Getting a massage is something you should treat yourself to. We know people stress, and we also know how much our massage techniques can help all of that stress and anxiety of the day melt into a puddle. Why Ayurvedic Massage at …Read More

  7. Why You Should be Getting Regular Facials: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing the importance of getting facials and skin treatments on a regular basis. At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, we know skin care and make sure you are taking all the necessary measures to protect your skin, and have a glowing complexion at all times. We went over some ways that getting regular facials is great for your skin. Here …Read More

  8. Why You Should be Getting Regular Facials: Part 1

    Facials are a great way to pamper yourself and your skin at the same time. Facials may seem more of a luxury than a necessity, but facials can help your skin in many different ways :receiving advice from our skin specialists to deep cleansing, and clear pores. At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea and surrounding areas, our facials are treatments that you will be wanting as often as possible. They …Read More

  9. Aftercare For Sugar Waxing

    You did it. You tried out a sugar wax treatment and you look fabulous! All that unsightly hair has been cleaned away and your feeling fresh, confident, and awesome. We love how satisfied our clients are after one of our hair removal treatments; it's why we love what we do at Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea. We want to give you all the best information on our sugar treatment, and that includes af…Read More

  10. Before You Sugar Wax

    Many people wouldn’t know this, but you can’t just walk into a hair removal salon and be ready to go. There are rules in place for your safety and comfort that we must abide by. At Unique Threading Salon we want you to have the best experience with our sugar waxing services. We want you to leave our salon feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the world brings you. Here are some tips for you…Read More