1. Improve Your Health With Massage

    You may be under the impression that massages are only for the super wealthy or the occasional luxury, but in reality, massage therapy has powerful healing properties that can help you with a variety of health conditions. These days, you can find affordable massages in a variety of places, including…Read More

  2. What Is Causing Your Excess Facial Hair?

    Here at Unique Threading Salon, we often help women who have excess facial hair. It’s common for women to have a light “peach fuzz” on their face, and this not a cause for concern. However, some women have a condition that is referred to as hirsutism, which essentially means that the hair on t…Read More

  3. How to Prepare for Your Eyebrow Threading Appointment

    Everyone wants perfectly coiffed brows, and if you are looking for a hair removal method that will leave you with sleek, flawless eyebrows, there is no better option than threading. Threading has been a hair removal technique used in India for centuries, and has gained popularity in the U.S. due to …Read More

  4. What’s Better – Threading or Waxing?

    Every woman knows that she’s going to have to get her eyebrows shaped sooner or later. Unless you’re really good with the tweezers on your own, chances are, you’ll make an appointment to get them waxed or threaded. But what’s the difference? We’ve heard many women say they can’t go witho…Read More

  5. It’s Great to Exfoliate!

    Whether you are coming to Unique Threading Salon for a facial wax, leg wax, or Brazilian, it’s important to prepare your skin for waxing with exfoliation. Exfoliation is used to remove dead skin cells which makes the hair more prominent and easier to fully remove, meaning that you will be smoother…Read More

  6. A Facial Treatment for Your Back

    Summer is finally returning to Chelsea! People are starting to shed their winter layers and embrace the sundresses, tank tops, flip flops and swimsuits of summer. While for most people this is a time of celebration as they welcome back the warmth of the sun on their skin, for those who are suffering…Read More

  7. How to Make Your Henna Tattoos Last Longer

    Henna tattoos are a beautiful traditional that has been used for thousands of years in areas of the Middle East, including India and Pakistan. Our salon brings this body adornment method to Chelsea! Whether you are interested in henna as a part of your traditional Indian wedding or just want to inco…Read More

  8. Waxing VS. Shaving: The On Going Debate

    At Unique Threading Salon in Chelsea, our mission is to make sure all your unsightly and unwanted hair is removed in a comfortable and calm setting. Our salon has a professional and friendly staff where all your hair removal needs can be taken care. In this next post, we want to go over the debate o…Read More

  9. Start Waxing for These Big Occasions

    With the weather starting to finally warm up, we can start getting excited about the sunshine, vacations, and trips to the Hamptons. With the nice weather, that means it's time for sundresses, bikinis, and less clothing than previous seasons. With knowing this time of year is soon upon us, it's time…Read More

  10. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Sugar Waxing

    Whether you have a big date, job interview, or just are over that constant stubble, sugar waxing is a great hair removal technique. Sugar waxing is a great way to remove those pesky and unwanted body hairs in multiple places on the body. Have silky, smooth, and hair-free skin for weeks instead of da…Read More